Sunday, September 28, 2008

Apple French Tart

My boss took us out to lunch at this lovely restaurant in Pasig, near Tiendesitas, called PANCITERIA DON JACINTO.

We had the most sumptuous Chinese lunch, consisting of El Nido soup, salt-and-pepper spareribs, pancit canton, roast chicken, steamed lapu-lapu, yang chow fried rice, and their specialty, camaron rebosado. THese were cooked in very thin batter and right on top of the tiger prawns are thin, delectable slices of ham. Very good indeed!

TO top off this delicious feast, we had Apple French Tart, and one bite immediately sent us to dessert heaven.

I swear I'm going to find out how this is made.


TiN said...

hi niq!!!

you shouldve checked out mom&tina's. its just beside panciteria. oks for dessert after the yummy lunch/dinner! :)

have to try pa the burger daw masarap sabi malapit din dun.

hayy kagutom.

Monique said...

Sige. Pagbalik ko sa Panciteria, daan din ako dyan. Thanks!