Sunday, September 21, 2008

lack of measurements

I just noticed that the ingredients on the first 2 recipes I featured on this blog didn't have exact measurements. I had been surfing the net and reading some food blogs when I realized how difficult it would be to follow a recipe, especially for experimenting beginners like me, if the ingredients didn't have proper measurements specified on them.

If you've already copied out or tried the Potata a la Ana or Mother's Quail Eggs in Cream of Mushroom, I hope the finished product turned out well. I didn't indicate the amount of ingredients to use because I didn't measure them, either - almost all of them were mere estimates. Now if you're having a difficult time following the recipes and find that you need exact amounts, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

New recipes will be up this week: my talented friend Rogelyn's super-special Empanada, and Devery's equally delicious Humba, a Visayan dish. They cooked up a batch each of their own specialties for Roge's birthday last week and I simply had to feature these recipes here. As early as late August I already arranged for a photo and their permission. Do check back later.

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