Saturday, October 31, 2009

Take Two: Empanada

It's only the second time I'm going to make empanada, recipe courtesy of my friend and former officemate, Roge. The first time I experimented was around this same time last year, in time for Mama's birthday which we usually celebrate in the cemetery, being All Saints' Day. That first attempt was a disaster, as I didn't have the proper kitchen tools (read: measuring cup). This time, being fully equipped, I know I can do better.

Better, yes. Can still improve, definitely.

I've practically perfected the filling, it tastes just the way Roge makes it. So on that aspect, I give myself a pat on the back.

However, the dough is another problem.

I was doing great measuring, mixing the ingredients and kneading the dough, except for a few wee bitty times when the dough would stick to the board, which I remedied by scattering flour all over. When it came, however, to the part where I had to cut the dough into 20 equal pieces, which is necessary if I want to have uniform-sized empanadas, and then roll them out into perfect circles, I faltered. I couldn't seem to roll the dough thinly, and into circles ~ they just roll out into shapeless, uneven masses, and continued to stick to the board and the rolling pin. My neck and shoulders were sooo sore by the time I decided to make do with whatever shapes I came up with ~ at least, I can adjust when I folded and crimped the edges. Yun nga lang, di magkakasinlaki yung finished product. :(

Another blunder was when I dropped the first pieces onto very hot oil ~ I should've cooked them in medium-heat oil only. Mabilis tuloy nag-brown yung first batch, which is not really a problem because the filling is already cooked, anyway. But I would've wanted them to turn a golden brown sana, not toasted brown...

When it came to my favorite part though ~ the taste-testing ~ I had to just give myself not just a pat on the back, but a huge round of applause as well. Tasted really good!

I'll just have to work on the aesthetics. ;-)


Practical Emptiness said...

make one for Christmas... I want to taste some

Monique said...

I'll try Ana. Will do my very best, hehe. :)