The Blogger

No, I am not a chef. Not even close.
(You may have probably deduced by now that I have a day job that is completely dissociated from food.)

Neither am I a food critique. I don't think I am qualified to be one because first, I don't have a degree in culinary arts, and second, my palate is fairly easy to please.

What I am, however, is a private cook for my family, an occasional recipe explorer/dabbler, a hard-core fan of Iron Chef Mario Batali, an awful baker, and a lover of (almost) all things edible. I love food, I love discovering new dishes that I can prepare for anyone who would care to try them, I love eating! :)

(Am I now allowed to call myself a "foodie"? And do I really need a label to start this blog? :D)

This food blog will chronicle all of the things that may have a connection, no matter how remote, with any or all of the self-imposed roles that I have enumerated above. I will be posting about food that I have cooked or prepared, whether from an original recipe or an attempt to duplicate a dish I've tried somewhere. There will be posts about favorite food from favorite restaurants or new places. And, of course, there will always be the usual gamut that involves, revolves around, or includes FOOD.

Welcome to my private kitchen. :)